Get rid of your junk car

If you have a junk car, truck, or van Kirkland Motors will pay you top dollar for it. We buy junk cars in Atlanta. If you have the title on your junk car, a representative of Kirkland Motors will come out, remove your junk car, and will pay you cash for it on the spot! Your junk car that you want

Kirkland Motors not only buys junk cars in Atlanta, but serves all areas of Metro Atlanta! Don't waste your money on insurance, or have that junk car take up space in your garage or driveway! Let us take your junk car today! Contact Kirkland Motors today at and get your cash for your junk car.

We will take your junk car regardless of it's state. Whether it's wrecked, unwanted, junk, salvaged, or old, we will buy your junk car! Remember, we buy junk cars in Atlanta. Go green and recycle your car or tuck and help save the enviornment. You vehicle will get recycled or re-uses and we always dispose of all scrap and fluids in environmentally friendly and legal ways. This helps keep the environment clean and healthy.

If you have ever needed a part for your vehicle, you know the expense that comes with calling the local auto shop or the dealer for your part. You can avoid expensive repairs by a simple search of our inventory for used auto parts, most the time at a fraction of the cost.

Any hesitations on buying recycled auto parts are elevated with our warranties, professional knowledge, and guarantee. In fact recycled parts can be as reliable as new parts and you get them at incredible discounted prices. Buying recycled parts for your automobile saves you and the environment. When the time comes that your vehicle needs to be recycled allow us to be your recycling agent.